Paradise Motorcycle Tours FAQs


Please contact us with any questions you have about your dream motorcycle vacation, but here are a few tips and answers to get you going.

We transfer your luggage. If you are on a self-guided tour (or rental over 7 days) we transfer your luggage from your start to finish point at our expense.

We supply soft lift-out bags for your stuff, the BMW hard luggage stays on the bikes.

The bikes are insured by us. You are not, you need travel insurance that covers YOU to ride a motorcycle of the capacity you are going to ride. 

Accommodation is included from the night before your guided or self-guided tour up to and including the night of your last riding day.

Bikes and Flights. Book your bike as soon as you can. There are hundreds of flights here, there are not hundreds of excellent quality well maintained bikes here, we get fully booked. We can generally change your booking to match your flight dates if they are only a day or two different.

Flights. There are more international flights in and out of Auckland. If your tour starts in Auckland and finishes in Christchurch, book a domestic flight back to Auckland at the end of your tour.

Our weather, is entirely unpredictable, and 4 seasons in a day is entirely possible. You need good motorcycle gear, and layers so you can react to our changing weather.

Paradise Motorcycle Tours NZ was born in 2008 with the determination to provide a top quality, personal service and the hope of also making our clients dreams come true.

We are the only New Zealand based Certified BMW Motorrad Travel Partner with BMW Motorrad Academy Trained Kiwi guides. Referral and recommendations from our clients to their friends and families now makes up the majority of our bookings. That says it all.

Our fleet is full of low mileage, latest model motorbikes that are ideal for New Zealand road conditions. The fleet is less than three years old and Main Dealer maintained.

Paradise Motorcycle Tours NZ are Qualmark endorsed and an Enviro accredited activity - audited by the official Tourism New Zealand quality agency. We are the only Motorcycle tour company in New Zealand that have been granted both a quality endorsement and a Silver Environmental award in New Zealand.

We are the only New Zealand based Certified BMW Motorrad Travel Partner with BMW Motorrad Academy Trained Kiwi guides. Motorcyclists have a special bond with each other, and the camaraderie on a guided tour is always something everyone enjoys. Add to that the experience and knowledge of the guides, not only about the country, but the best places to eat, where to get the best photos and ride the best roads - it's a great adventure!

Unlike some companies, we are not just agents who use other companies to run their tours. We design and run our own tours, with our own local guides and our own motorcycles, so you can be sure you'll get the bike you booked and that your guide isn't from overseas who has just visited New Zealand a couple of times! You can communicate directly with the people organizing your tour - us!

Our luxury support vehicle takes up to 4 non riders - air conditioned comfort all the way! We can even arrange a hire car if they'd prefer.

Alternatively, they can ride pillon if they wish.

No - we never cancel. We require a minimum of 4 motorcycles on a guided tour to supply the support vehicle. We would still provide a lead guide on a motorcycle.

Yes, we spend 2 nights in areas of outstanding beauty or where there is lots to do and see. You can rest, enjoy adrenaline activities, explore the local sights or ride the surrounding area - your guide will advise you of the best routes.

If you like to be independent, but would love your accommodation to be pre booked and your route to include the best riding roads in New Zealand, then a self guided tour is for you. We pre-program your route, right to your accommodations door, onto a GPS. You can be assured that you will see the most spectacular scenery and not miss any of the highlights plus the less well known but equally awesome destinations.

You'll get 24 hour support from us - we'll even call you along the way to make sure everything is perfect!

We provide top boxes and panniers/saddle bags with all our bikes including soft lift-out bags, whether on rental or tours FREE OF CHARGE.

You should have at least 2 years riding experience on a motorcycle of a similar engine size.

Our roads are in excellent condition and you will notice a distinct lack of traffic once you leave the major cities. The majority of our roads are single carriageway and some roads, especially in the South Island are twisty and undulating. Expect to come across some switchbacks/hairpin bends on the West Coast and through mountain passes.

We provide 24 hours roadside assistance and we have arrangements with motorcycle workshops throughout the country that will help you to get back on the road as speedily as possible.

There is an insurance excess of NZ$3000 on each motorcycle. If damage occurs, we will obtain a quote for repair and inform you of the cost. Damage over NZ$2500 is covered by the motorcycle insurance. Excess reduction and tyre damage cover can be purchased for rentals or tours over 7 days.

Yes! We strongly advise that you purchase personal travel/trip insurance as soon as you book your trip. You should inform your insurers that you will be riding a motorcycle whilst you are in New Zealand. Good travel/trip insurance should cover cancellation, delays, lost property, medical expenses and medical repatriation.

We can provide good quality helmets, motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves at very reasonable prices to rent whilst you are here. Many of our clients prefer to bring their own gear. We suggest that your gear is waterproof fabric and has linings that can be removed. This allows you to ride in all weathers and temperatures. You will find that temperatures vary dramatically within a short time when you are riding through mountainous areas. Leather gear isn't recommended - it can be either too hot or too cold and gets heavy and wet if caught in a shower.

The song 'Four Seasons in a Day' was written by a Kiwi! Weather conditions differ depending on which part of the country you are in. The north of the North Island is sub-tropical - with warm humid weather. The South Island has a temperate climate, along with alpine and rain forest climates. This unique climate makes New Zealand one of the most picturesque and diverse countries in the world - alpine ranges, tropical rainforests and golden beaches, all in one compact place!

New Zealand also has one of the highest UV ratings in the world. Our clear, clean environment makes the sun strong. It is important to wear sunscreen and a hat whenever you are spending extended periods of time outdoors, no matter what time of the year or weather conditions. Our seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere, so Spring is in November and December, Summer in January, February and March, Autumn in April and May. The climate in the upper North Island makes it perfectly feasible to tour in the Winter.

New Zealand has no dangerous animals, scorpions or reptiles and we have no snakes at all! Mosquitoes will come out at night on warm summer evenings, but they are not malaria carriers - you may see tiny sand flies in the west of the South Island - a quick spray of repellent will keep them at bay. We have one spider that will give a nip, but only if interfered with or squashed!